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Welcome to AENZ

The Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand (AENZ) is based at Auckland University of Technology and seeks to be an internationally significant body for research in applied ecology. The Institute's mission is to engage in high-quality research with importance and immediacy to New Zealand and global environmental issues. We have a strong commitment to making contributions at the science-policy interface, and thus have direct beneficial impacts on society and the natural environment.

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We publish a Technical Report Series for contracted research projects. The Institute maintains a Google Scholar site that displays metrics for all our academic research outputs. AENZ also maintains an active presence on social media sites including a Blog and a dedicated YouTube channel.

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AENZ has four thematic areas that reflect our expertise and capability in research.

Applied Conservation
The application of new technology and innovative research with practical outcomes at the science-policy interface.

Human-Environment Interactions
Understanding the important roles, effects and consequences of human interactions with their surroundings.

Marine Ecology and Aquaculture
Resolving ecosystem function and promoting sustainable and responsible use of marine resources.

Plant Ecology and Global Change
The interactions of plants with their environment and impacts of disturbance on local and global scales.

We welcome enquiries on research projects and commercial services: email:

Professor Steve Pointing, Institute Director.

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